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Abstract Expressions: History & Context

Throughout my life, I've expressed myself artistically through the written word. This led me to a long career rooted in writing. Over the years, I was convinced that writing was the most effective way to communicate the themes that inspire me. These themes, which manifest themselves in my poetry, include the impacts of entrapment, our desire to flee from it, and the resurrection of the heart through the process and aftermath of flight. 


While the themes that permeate my writing remain constant, the way in which I feel compelled to communicate them has changed in the last few years. The Poems into Paintings Project, initiated in 2015, reflects this shift. Many of the paintings you'll see here are part of the project, but since its completion in early 2016, I have moved into new realms of exploration through abstract expressionist painting.


About Me


I am a Colorado writer and now, painter. I am a published poet, and have won numerous awards for my work, including the Colorado, California and New Jersey State Poetry Awards, and two awards from the Denver Women's Press Club. I've also been recognized for commercial writing with an Emmy Award. I graduated from Lafayette College with a B.A. in English Literature, and from the University of Denver with an M.A. in Creative Writing. I studied poetry with Black Mountain poet Ed Dorn in Boulder, Colorado, as well as Phillis Levin at the Unterberg Poetry Center at the 92nd Street Y in New York City. I currently live in Greenwood Village, Colorado with my husband. Together, we run The Snow Group.

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